See AJ Taylor Throughout Australia

The beauty of art is that anyone is able to create artwork. The individuality of artwork is what allows each piece to be unique and special. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another, creating a spark of conversation and discussion about each unique piece of artwork. Further, every country will have their own artists which are inspired by the local environment and circumstances surrounding their upbringing. AJ Taylor is proud to be from Australia and regularly includes inspiration from the surrounding world. Between the ever abounding natural world, and the soothing colors and textures of the forest, AJ Taylor can bring the environment to canvas using only a simple paint set and paint brush.

The paintings created by AJ Taylor are proudly displayed through galleries around the country. Both the Martin Browne Contemporary gallery in Sydney and the Jan Murphy Gallery in Brisbane proudly feature the artwork created by AJ Taylor. While many people would love the opportunity to own the artwork created by a world renowned artist, few ever get the chance. Be a proud owner of the award winning artist today with your very own traditional painting. Choose from one of the original artworks by AJ Taylor, or contact the artist to discuss having an original piece of art commissioned for your home or office. Take a painting from the gallery and bring it to your home so you can enjoy the soothing tranquility of nature and the forest to your own home or office today.